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  • Just because we CAN,
    doesn't mean we should

    At the beginning of the Covid Pandemic in the United States, the American Bishops, for the most part, gave a blanket dispensation from participating in the Sunday Eucharist for all Catholics until further notice. This dispensation was enacted when most states were experiencing ”shelter in place” ordinances for the safety and well-being of all citizens. During this time, many parishes and dioceses offered “on-line” Masses and televised liturgies, encouraging people to participate from their homes.
    Since mid-May, however, for the most part, those “Shelter in Place” orders have been lifted , People are free to move about as they please,  And while some social distancing protocols remain in place, life has returned to normal. So the question needs to be raised: Why are people NOT returning to the practice of the Faith in regards to Sunday Eucharist?
    For some, the dispensation is a convenient excuse—the Bishop says I don’t have to go to Mass, so I don’t have to go to Mass.
    Others have become accustomed to watching it online or on TV because it better fits their busy schedules or is more convenient.
    Still others refrain from participating in the Sunday Eucharist because they have legitimate health concerns, are homebound, or simply cannot get to the scheduled Masses because of other obligations.
    So, the question is this: Just because the Bishop says we CAN skip Mass on Sunday, SHOULD we skip Mass on Sunday.
    The Church has long taught that the Eucharist is central to our Life of Faith. To live without the Eucharist is to condemn oneself to death from hunger. The Eucharist is the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ given to the world as Food and Drink. He promises that all who feast on Him will have life in Him and will be raised up on the last day. Yet, many Catholics are content to sit back on their couches, lounging in their jammies, and watch Mass on TV because the Bishop Says we Don’t Have to Go to church!
    This is an outrage to God and an affront to the Blessed Sacrament!
    Those who are ill, suffering from underlying medical conditions, feeling the effects of advancing age, or caring for someone who is sick or unable to care for themselves are the ones who need to avail themselves of the Dispensation to Participate in Sunday Mass. As a matter of fact, these always have a dispensation from participating in Sunday Eucharist.
    Those, however,  who are in reasonably good health, who go to work daily, who frequent restaurants, bars, and pubs, who are capable of going on vacations, camping trips, or other activities, and who are not carriers of the Covid 19 virus SHOULD NOT avail themselves of the Dispensation. They should get back to the regular practice of the Sunday Eucharist.  If there is nothing to prevent you from taking part in these other, normal, daily activities, there is nothing preventing you from participating in the Eucharist.
    Just because the Bishop says we CAN dispense ourselves from Mass, doesn’t me we SHOULD dispense ourselves from Mass.
    After all, Our eternal destiny is at stake.

  •            Administration

    All Parish Meetings are cancelled until quarantine is lifted.






    All Administrative Councils will meet at 6:00 pm on Thursdays in the Church for Vespers. Meetings will follow immediately in the Fr. Murgas Room.


    All Parish Committee Meetings take place in the Fr. Murgas Room of the parish office, unless otherwise specified.


  •   Worship Schedule 


    CONFESSIONS 2:30-3:30PM
    Confessions will be heard in the side sacristy (behind the Sacred Heart). We ask that you enter by way of the sanctuary and exit by way of the side door. 

    ROSARY 3:40pm 


    It has come to our attention that those who use the van service will not be able to attend Mass if we kept it at 4:30pm. In an effort to accommodate the needs of all, the vigil Mass has been moved back to 4pm. 

    THE 5:30 pm Vigil Mass has been


    ROSARY 7:40am 

    SUNDAY MASS 8:00am 

    when it resumes in the fall will begin at 9am and end at 10:30am. 

    ROSARY 10:40 am 

    SUNDAY MASS 11:00 am 

    ROSARY 5:40 pm 

    SUNDAY MASS 6:00 pm 

    ROSARY 7:40 am 
    Mass 8:00 am 
    Tuesday thru Friday 

    The Church will continue to be open on Thursdays from Noon until 4 pm for Private prayer and Adoration.

    It has been our experience over the course of the last few weeks, that many of the parishioners who "signed up" for a particular Mass do not "show up" for the Mass. 

    If you would like to come to Mass, do not let the fact that your name is not on the list stop you. In most cases, there is still plenty of room in our church for you to participate, even with the Covid 19 social protocols in place. 

    If you desire to receive our Lord in the Eucharist, all you have to do is come.


    There will be a GENERAL MEETING of all ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCILS- Pastoral Council, Finance Council, Social Justice Council, Liturgical Council, Catechetical Council and Parish Life Council, as well as all STAFF members on Wednesday, September 9th beginning at 6pm in the Parish Hall. All members of these councils are asked to be present as we review this document and set a course for the future of our parish. 


    Prayer for a Return to the Practice of the Faith

    O Good Shepherd, 
    you never cease 
    to seek out the lost,
    to call home the stray, 
    to comfort the frightened, 
    and to bind up 
    the wounded. 
    I ask you to 
    bring your people
    back to the practice 
    of the Faith, 
    Remove all obstacles 
    that prevent them 
    from receiving 
    your abundant mercy, 
    flowing through 
    the Sacraments 
    of your holy Church. 

    Through the intercession of 
    Mary, the Mother of God, 
    St. Joseph, her Spouse,
    St. Michael the Archangel 
    and all the heavenly hosts, 
    St. Andre Bessette, 
    their Patron Saints 
    and the ever-prayerful 
    St. Monica, 
    may you pardon their sins
    and unshackle them 
    from whatever hinders 
    their freedom 
    to come Home. 

    For you, O Good Shepherd, 
    have loved us to the end 
    and offered yourself 
    to the Father
    for the salvation of all. 



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  • Calendar of Events
    All Events are postponed until quarantine is lifted